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Thoughts from the Apostle

Here, you will find the Senior Pastor's bulletin entries (found in each Monthly Bulletin).

In addition, you'll see him post thoughts and words of wisdom that he wishes to share from time to time.



Busy 'With' Jesus

Posted by Lloyd Linton on OP12er @ 12:38 PM

As I was thinking about December,

I began to make some observations.  One thing that I observed is that this month seems to be the busiest out of the 12!  The business is most likely to do with the preparation of December 25th, Christmas Day.  Most of those living in this side of the world, Christian and non-Christian alike, are busy getting ready for Christmas.  There is something about Christmas that draws people into the celebration of the Christmas season.  The world loves a party!  But the world celebrates Christmas, not Jesus!  We as true followers of Jesus must never let the business of the season take away from our business with Jesus! 

Let us take a look at Luke 10: 38 – 42


38Now it happened as they went that He entered a certain village; and a certain woman named Martha welcomed Him into her house. 39And she had a sister called Mary, who also sat at Jesus’ feet and heard His word.  40But Martha was distracted with much serving, and she approached Him and said, “Lord, do You not care that my sister has left me to serve alone? Therefore tell her to help me.”  41And Jesus answered and said to her, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and trouble about many things.  42But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her.”


       To be busy with Jesus must be our top priority – our primary focus.  We all should be greatly passionate about the celebration of the Saviour’s birth.  It’s not a good thing to be busy preparing for this wonderful party and have little or no time for the Guest of Honour.

      With that in mind – It’s Jesus’ birthday!  Let everything that we do this Christmas season be centered around Him!  We celebrate Jesus, not a birthday celebration.  Let’s not be like the people who celebrate Christmas and not celebrate Jesus Christ, the person who Christmas is all about!  Let us not only be busy for Him, but busy with Him.  Let us sit at Jesus’ feet the way Mary did.


     Love and Blessings.


Yours, in the service of Jesus Christ, our Lord,

Pastor Lloyd E. Linton

From the December 2017 Monthly Bulletin

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Posted by Lloyd Linton on OP12er @ 12:34 PM

Greetings to everyone!

       I give thanks to God for you all!  Some of you have been with us for a long time!  Some of you, for a short time.  It matters not the time span - Each of you is important not only to the success of the Ministry going forward, but also to the Kingdom of God.

      Let us learn from the teachings of Jesus our Saviour, the head of the Church.  In Matthew 20: 1 - 16, He likened the Kingdom of God unto a householder who went out at 6:00am to hire workers to work in his vineyard.  “A penny for the day” was agreed upon.  Three hours later (9:00am), others were hired.  At 12:00pm (NOON) another group agreed to go and work for him.  And yet another group did the same 3 hours later that – By then, the time was 3:00pm.  There was more work to be done two hours later (just one hour before closing), 5:00pm.  Now those who worked from 5:00pm – 6:00pm were paid one penny.  They also got paid first!  Those who worked from 6:00am – 6:00pm got paid last; and after labouring for 12 full hours, they were paid the same amount - one penny.  The others did not put a price on their labour.  They were willing to work for whatever amount they would receive, confident that the good man would deal with them fairly.  It was only the first group of workers who were not happy with what they got, although they got what they negotiated for.

      Dear ones, let us be thankful that we can labour in God’s vineyard, doing service unto God and not to man (2 Corinthians 6: 1 | 1 Corinthians 3: 9 | Colossians 3: 23, 24).  Let us stand with those who came in at a later hour.  They have not come to take over our Ministry but to help us get the work done.  Let’s not put a price on the service we do, but just serve and leave the rest to the Householder; He will “Give every one according as His work may be.”


      November is the month we look back and remember those who laid down their lives in past wars, for peace.  We must also remember those in the present conflict in various parts of the earth.  In doing this, please remember that, daily, we are encountering spiritual battles.

      November is also our church’s Anniversary month.  Let us all be on board as much as possible.  Let us pray one for another!


     Love and Blessings.


Yours, in the service of Jesus Christ, our Lord,

Pastor Lloyd E. Linton

From the November 2017 Monthly Bulletin

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Posted by Lloyd Linton on OP12er @ 12:30 PM

Welcome to “Thanksgiving Month”.

       God has been good to all of us! Prayers be unto His wonderful name!  We are indeed a “Blessed” people!  We have a roof above us!  God is the Provider.  We have food on our tables!  God is the Provider.  We have shoes on our feet!  God is the Provider!

      We cannot reckon all that our Heavenly Father has done for us.

      Let us “Count our Blessings, Name them one by one,

Count our Blessings, See what God has done.” 

And “It will surprise us what the Lord has done.


      “Come ye thankful people, Come raise the song of harvest home,

       All is safely gathered in, ere the winter storms begin. 

      God our Maker doeth provide for our wants to be supplied,

      Come to God’s own temple, Come raise the song of harvest home!


      While we give God thanks for all that He has done for us, let’s remember those who have been struck by the recent hurricanes and earthquakes; our brothers and sisters experiencing persecution in various countries of the world.  The church gives our condolences to all of the families that are in bereavement.  Please do your part in doing the same.


      In the Evening of Sunday, September 24, 2017 we witnessed the Baptism Service of Alicia Brown, Angela Hylton and Dalton Solomon.  Congratulations to these three beloved ones!

       Deacon Donovan and Sis. Marlene McKenzie are now proud grandparents!  Their son, Marques, and his wife Mahala are now parents to a strong son!  Congratulations!

       Everyone is invited to the Complimentary Thanksgiving Dinner on Thanksgiving Sunday (October 8, 2017).  We also encourage you to invite others to join you at this Thanksgiving meal.


God’s Richest Blessings.

Pastor Lloyd E. Linton

From the October 2017 Monthly Bulletin

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Giving Thanks

Posted by Lloyd Linton on OP12er @ 12:22 PM

1It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord [Yahweh], and to sing praises unto thy name, O Most high.” (Psalm 92: 1) 


      As I thought about giving thanks, I considered how many things that we have failed to give God thanks for!  One of those things is the failure to say “Thank You, God, for a safe summer!”  So now we have the knowledge of this fact, say those words right now; “Thank You God for a safe summer.”  Now that the school year has begun, we seek God for protection for a safe school year.


      To all students:  Remember what being in school is all about!  Just in case it may have slipped the minds of some, school is for learning!  This time of learning is but a small window of your life.  It’s very important that this season of learning is valued.  Please devote your full attention on each subject that you need to take.  Some of the things you learn you may never have to use right away,  but in future years, when you realize the benefits of them.  However, learn as much as possible about each subject.  Learning is good for the brain.  So, learn all that you can!


      To all parents: Your child needs your help to reach and exercise the maximum of their potential and ability.  Please get involved right from the start.  If they are lagging behind, and the help that is needed exceeds your expertise, seek help for them. 

      Pray with them before any attempt at giving them your personal assistance.  In so doing, you will be ‘teaching’ the reliance upon God, who gives the ability to understand.  This should be done even if the child is good at what they do.  In all our ways, we need to acknowledge God and He shall direct our paths (Proverbs 3: 6)

      The parent needs to be aware of ‘bullying’ in schools.  Bullying can have a great affect on your child.  Also parents, get to know you child’s teacher.  Let the teacher know that you need to know early on if your child needs assistance in a particular subject.  Be involved! 


      Students – Have a Great year! 



God’s Richest Blessings.

Pastor Lloyd E. Linton

From the September 2017 Monthly Bulletin

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Posted by Lloyd Linton on OP12er @ 12:17 PM

Greetings to everyone in Jesus’ name!

       We appreciate all those who are here as our ‘guests’.  Thank you for choosing to come among us!  We value your presence.  You may consider this assembly as your church home!  Pastor Jeffrey Newman or I would be delighted to speak to you about becoming a member.  Please let either of us know whether this is your desire.

       Since June 9th, 2017, we have gathered each evening from 7:00pm to 8:00pm to learn about the history of the church (from Pentecost) and to pray.  The purpose for this is to seek God for the doubling of the church.  This was in response to the prophecy given by Dr. Former at the I.A.O.G.I Canada National Convention this past May (May 8-11, 2017).  The prophecy said that “God will double the church”  The 60 days that have been set apart to pray for one hour each evening will end on Monday, August 7th.  It was encouraging to see the healthy participation of so many of you beloved ones!  A hearty ‘Thank you’ to you all!

      One word of direction given during the times of prayer is “God has heard our prayers – It is for us to loose the people.”  There is a spiritual tie-up.  It is our prayer of faith that will do the loosing.  Let us not fail in doing our part.  Listen to the word of Jesus 19bAnd whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” (Matthew 16: 19b) 


      A very pleasant August to each of you. 


Love and Blessings in the Saviours name.

Pastor Lloyd E. Linton

From the August 2017 Monthly Bulletin

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Posted by Lloyd Linton on OP12er @ 12:12 PM

Welcome, all, to the month of July!

       For most students, school is over for another year.  To you all, I trust that you all had a successful year of learning and I wish you a wonderful Summer Break!  For others who will be attending Summer School, I wish you great success!

      Also, Congratulations to all our students on their achievements and those who have graduated to a new a new level of education.  

          It’s a pleasure for me as a father to congratulate Minister Lorraine Linton on her hard work.  With the help of God and the prayers of God’s people, she is now a Superintendent with ‘Toronto District School Board’.  Congratulations Minister!  We pray for your well-being and all the success that comes from above!

      Also, my daughter Madge is now an ordained Minister.  Minister Lorraine will also be ordained later on this year. The date has not yet been determined.


           As we celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday let us pray for our country.  Let us pray that Canada will return to the values of which it was founded on – All of the Christian Judean values.  We, as Christians, must not be comfortable to see the falling away from such values.  We must all unite in crying out to God for a return back to the Biblical values that Canada was founded on.

      Let Psalm 80 act as our voice in crying out to God for a return to Him, and He to us.


Great Blessings to each one of you and family.

Pastor Lloyd E. Linton

From the July 2017 Monthly Bulletin

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A Journey

Posted by Lloyd Linton on OP12er @ 12:05 PM

Hello everyone!  It’s great to be with you once again!

       This time, I am come to you as one who has just arrived from a very important journey!  Some of you might be thinking, “I don’t remember you going on a journey.”  Well, you see, this journey is one that hardly any one ever notices.  This is the journey of life.  Yes dear ones, life is a journey.  It’s a journey from the time of conception to the day when the giver of life decides that the time of our life’s journey is to come to a conclusion.  In my case, God has allowed me to complete 8 decades on the journey of life!  Yes, 8 decades – That’s 80 years!

      You may be wondering how it feels to be 80.  The best way I can respond is to say, “I feel good.”  I feel that I am in the prime of my life!  I feel like I can run through a troop and leap over a wall!  I feel like it’s time, again, to take down my boxing gloves and take on my brother.  And this time he would be seeing the lights of Dudley instead of dreaming of seeing his name in lights.  But hold on!  This is just how I feel!  My observation is, we are locked in a feeling from the ages of 25-35.  Feeling is one thing, but doing is a different kettle of fish.

       Our life, from start to the day when it pleases God to say, “Your journey is over.” is a journey.  Let’s be aware that the journey of life in our mortal body will one day come to an end, regardless of how well we may feel!  Let us, therefore, live it pleasing to God, who is the one who gives life to us.

Here are lyrics to a song entitled “I Wonder Have I Done My Best For Jesus”


I wonder have I done my best for Jesus, 
Who died upon the cruel tree? 
To think of His great sacrifice at Calvary! 
I know my Lord expects the best from me. 

The hours that I have wasted are so many 
The hours I’ve spent for Christ so few; 
Because of all my lack of love for Jesus, 
I wonder if His heart is breaking too. 

I wonder have I cared enough for others, 
Or have I let them die alone? 
I might have helped a wanderer to the Saviour, 
The seed of precious Life I might have sown. 

No longer will I stay within the valley 
I’ll climb to mountain heights above; 
The world is dying now for want of someone 
To tell them of the Saviour’s matchless love. 
How many are the lost that I have lifted? 
How many are the chained I’ve helped to free? 
I wonder, have I done my best for Jesus, 
When He has done so much for me? 

      I celebrate God’s goodness in allowing me to complete 8 decades on earth.  I pray that His will be done in my life, 100%, as I embark on my 9th decade.  Please, join me in this prayer.

      Thanks to everyone for your well wishes!!!


Love and Blessings.

Pastor Lloyd E. Linton

From the June 2017 Monthly Bulletin

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Reflection on Good Friday & Easter Sunday

Posted by Lloyd Linton on OA11er @ 11:58 AM

Greetings to everyone in Jesus’ wonderful name! 

       We enjoyed a very pleasant Resurrection Weekend.  We give thanks for beautiful Good Friday meal around the Word and having The C.C.T.P Ministries Adult Choir doing extending ministry in song, a time together around the Lord’s Table (Communion), and a complimentary lunch after service followed by an evangelical movie which presented a great message of how God broke down radical barriers in one of the southern states in the U.S.A.


      Reflection on the Good Friday and Easter Sunday messages:

The message was taken from John 11: 25.  Jesus said, …I am the resurrection, and the life…  On Resurrection Sunday we heard from Romans 8: 11“But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in you.”  

Let us never forget this – We the people of God, through Jesus Christ, have, at every moment of the day, the Resurrection power of the blessed Holy Spirit living in us!  Please, please, never forget!


      As we enjoy the different seasons of our lives, let us also enjoy the season of Spring that we now have.

      A Happy May to all and families!


Love and Blessings.

Pastor Lloyd E. Linton

From the May 2017 Monthly Bulletin

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One of the Greatest Announcements Ever Made

Posted by Lloyd Linton on OA11er @ 11:54 AM

Let me greet you with one of the greatest announcements ever made:

He is not here: for he is risen, as he said.  Come, see the place where the Lord lay.  (Matthew 28: 6)

      For the followers of Jesus at that time, the announcement was so great that they did not believe it.  Thomas refused to believe it, even though he was seen by many of the disciples and the women.  The two on the road to Emmaus had their doubts also.  You see, the punishment that Jesus went through was extremely horrifying, that it was difficult to believe that He was alive, after not seeing Him after He rose.  Apart from God’s miraculous and supernatural power raising Jesus from the dead, after undergoing such horrific punishment, no power on earth could have brought Him back to life!  The news that ‘He is Risen’ and the sight of His resurrection had to be the greatest new the ears have ever heard, and that the eyes have ever beheld!

       The news that “He is Risen” should be like music in each believer’s ears!  You see, it was not only for those who were around when Jesus walked on earth that He came.  It was not only for them that He lived, died, and rose from the dead.  It was for those before He came, and also for every generation of all humanity!  Let us, therefore, celebrate this wonderful news, especially during this month of April – the season of Easter – that He, Jesus Christ, is risen from the dead!!.

           But beloved, that’s not all.  See Acts 1: 11, which says, …Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven? This same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven. 

      What is the second piece of Good News?  This SAME Jesus is coming back!  Come on now brethren – We need to rejoice!!  This is Good news, Wonderful news.  ‘Jesus is Risen’ and ‘Jesus is coming back to earth again’!


      As we journey through the month of April, share the Good News with others!  Let April be a month of great rejoicing!


Love and Blessings.

Pastor Lloyd E. Linton

From the April 2017 Monthly Bulletin

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What Makes a Successful Church?

Posted by Lloyd Linton on OA11er @ 11:49 AM

We enter into another month with a heart of Thanksgiving! 

      Thank You, Yahweh, for permitting us to start another month.  We also say Thank You for the two months that have been completed in 2017!  We place the lives of our families into Your hands!  Let us once again be favoured with Your divine favour.

       There is work going into developing and effective Online Radio Station.  Please keep this endeavour in your prayers.  “Things Happen When God’s People Pray!”  This station will be running 24/7.  Let us work together to get this station on the air.


     What makes a successful church?  Involvement.  When each one of God’s people chooses to get involved in the local church that they call ‘home’, that church is on its way to success!  Find out how you can get involved in the ministry here at The C.C.T.P Ministries!  It’s your church!  “The Lord has need of you.”  Let us work shoulder to shoulder as we labour in God’s vineyard.  With involvement, Nehemiah was able to do the impossible.  He had the wall around Jerusalem restructured in 52 days!  They were able to do so in spite of a mountain of rubbish.  What made the difference?  The people had a mind to work! (Nehemiah 4: 6)

       May March be a month of great blessing for you and family!


Love and Blessings.

Pastor Lloyd E. Linton

From the March 2017 Monthly Bulletin

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